We want you to have the confidence to make a great impression while staying true to your personality and style and have a great experience at the barber’s. Our New York barbers provide a variety of services, including haircuts, razor services, and shaves, for all styles and looks.

Men’s Haircuts

  • Regular Haircut – It may have ‘regular’ in its name, but it is anything but. This cut must be done by a properly trained barber to be done correctly.
  • Scissor Cut – Both long and short hairstyles benefit from a scissor cut. Each scissor cut is a work of art created by our barbers and scissor experts specialized for your personal look and style.
  • Layer Cut – A lavish service offered only at men’s barbershops of the highest caliber and one of our specialties.
  • Fades – Requires attention to detail which shows others that grooming is a priority for you. Fades can keep looking fresh and new with frequent quick maintenance visits.
  • Shampoo and Neck Men's Shave – Complimentary service included with all of our men’s haircuts. Adds a fresh finishing touch with lather and straight razor.

Razor Services

  • Beard Trim – Available for all beard styles and lengths. Touch-up your style and edges for high quality finish that can only be done by a professional barber with a straight razor.
  • Hairline Cleanup – A quick way to boost your confidence and give a great impression with a clean hairline.

Men’s Shave

  • Royal Men's Shave – Feel renewed with the royal treatment of a hot oil massage, hot towel treatment, and ultra-close razor service.
  • Signature Men's Shaving – Provides all the benefits of the Royal Men’s Shave, followed with skin care treatment products of the highest quality.


If you have any questions about our products or services, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us at 646-980-5317.


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